Sirota’s Reporting Lauded For Shaping National Debate Over Landmark Tax Bill

Sirota’s investigative reporting series on President Donald Trump’s tax bill was widely credited for shaping the national political debate over the landmark legislation. Sirota and the International Business Times investigative team he leads reported out a series of stories showing how various provisions in the bill could enrich the lawmakers who were writing the legislation. Most famously, Sirota broke the news that lawmakers added a provision to the bill that could enrich President Trump and Tennessee Sen. Bob Corker — the latter of which was considered the key swing vote on the legislation. The reporting went viral when media outlets and lawmakers billed the provision the “Corker Kickback.”

Sirota appeared on MSNBC, CNN and Democracy Now to discuss his reporting. MSNBC host Lawrence O’Donnell said Sirota had produced “extraordinary reporting” that “has really helped me understand what’s in this legislation, more than any other reporting I’ve seen.” Capital and Main published a feature on Sirota and how he ended up getting the exclusive scoop on Corker.

Sirota’s story was the centerpiece of the lead editorial of the New York Times on the day of the Senate vote on the tax bill. It was also cited by New York Times columnists Charles Blow and Paul Krugman. New York Times editor David Leonhardt said the Corker story was “the scoop of the weekend” before the tax bill. New York Times’ analyst Thomas Edsall wrote that while lawmakers’ “full-speed-ahead strategy simultaneously constrained the ability of the press to explore the special interest provisions buried in the legislation…one exception is the work of three reporters from International Business Times.”

Sirota’s reporting was also cited by top lawmakers in Congress, and (among others) The New Yorker, USA Today, Bloomberg News, the Boston Globe, Esquire, The Hill, The New York Daily News, Time and USA Today.

Sirota’s full investigative series can be found here:

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