Sirota’s Investigative Series Lauded by CJR and Esquire

Sirota’s 2016 investigative series on healthcare mergers was lauded by articles in the Columbia Journalism Review and Esquire magazine.

The Columbia Journalism Review’s story was headlined “How IBT’s Reporting Is Driving A Controversy Over A Major Healthcare Merger in Connecticut.” The report said the uproar over the merger came “to a head over the past month—driven in substantial part by the ongoing reporting of David Sirota, the Denver-based senior investigations editor for the International Business Times…Sirota has produced more than a dozen follow-ups on the topic—tracking, for example, grassroots groups and state legislators calling on Malloy to remove Wade from the merger review—as what he initially envisioned as a ‘good little blog item’ turned into an investigative series…Sirota has followed these developments, and his own work has been cited in the state’s media, like a June 7 Hartford Courant editorial questioning Wade’s judgment, and a June 15 editorial in the Norwich Bulletin. It has also been referenced by state legislators from both parties calling for Wade’s recusal, the Hartford Courant reported…In the estimation of Jill Zorn, senior policy officer for the Universal Health Care Foundation of Connecticut, Sirota’s reporting ‘has upped everyone’s game.’”

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In its review of this investigative series, Esquire magazine said: “IBTimes, through the work of David Sirota, has been all over an interesting story of crony capitalism involving a massive $54 billion proposed merger negotiated between Cigna and Anthem, two giant healthcare insurance companies, and the involvement in that merger of a good chunk of Connecticut’s political elite, including Democratic Governor Dan Malloy…because of the work that IBTimes has done, Connecticut politics are at something of a high boil as, around the country, people look with a baleful eye at a merger between two health insurance giants like Cigna and Anthem.”

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