Consider the last two months in America: We’ve seen hurricanes destroy Houston, Florida and Puerto Rico. We’ve seen a Nazi rally in Charlottesville that culminated with the death of a protestor. We’ve seen the president intensify a nuclear standoff with North Korea. And we’ve most recently seen a Las Vegas massacre that was the biggest mass shooting in modern history. These are dark times — some might even say they feel like end times. How can we maintain any hope or optimism at a moment like this? On this episode, I explore this question with Rabbi Adam Morris. You’ll hear us discuss how to think through the larger sense of despondence that seems to have taken hold in America. And we have a pretty intense conversation about how many Jews struggle with their simultaneous affinity for the idea of Israel, and their disgust with some of the Israeli government’s actions. This is a wide-ranging discussion — I hope it provides you with a thought-provoking perspective on how to process this tumultuous moment that we are all living through.


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