In the United States, it seems capitalism is no longer as popular as it may have once been. With Americans facing stagnating wages, intensifying economic inequality and rampant poverty, polls show more and more people are questioning whether the so-called invisible hand of the free market is really good for society. So is it time to discard capitalism? On this episode, former Labor Secretary Robert Reich basically says no. In a new Netflix documentary entitled “Saving Capitalism” he argues that our economic system can and should be rescued and reformed — but he said that can only happen if voters can be mobilized to combat the influence of big money on our politics. During our discussion, Reich opened up about his battles with the Wall Street wing of the Democratic Party while he was serving as a Cabinet Secretary. He also discussed what he regretted most about his time in office, and he said both Clinton and Barack Obama never confronted the structural problems facing America’s middle class.


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